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Episode 6: Our strength is our diversity

From Bankruptcy to Reinvention –

The City of Stockton


Episode 6:
Our strength is our diversity

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Dillon Delvo, co-founder of Little Manila Rising

Dillon Delvo - Little Manila Rising

In this episode we feature the voice of Dillon Delvo, co-founder of Little Manila Rising. Dillon shares his passion, insights and organizational work around advocacy, education, arts and culture as part of Little Manila Rising’s efforts to revitalize the Filipina American community in Stockton.

Dillon Delvo


Dillon is a second-generation Filipino American, born and raised in South Stockton. For the past 21 years, Dillon has served as the volunteer youth minister of social justice centered St. George’s Youth Group for which he was a member in his teenage years. In 2000, Dawn Mabalon, Ph.D. and he created the non-profit organization Little Manila Rising in response to developer attempts to destroy the historical site.

He served as the Senior Field Representative for Senator Lois Wolk. Currently, he is the Executive Director of the Little Manila Rising. Dillon has served on the Stockton Unified School District board of trustees, the Filipino American Democratic Caucus of California, and Catholic Charities Diocese of Stockton. He lives with his wife Rebecca and daughters Therese, Genevieve, and Colette in South Stockton.

Little Manila Rising

Little Manila Rising works towards the historic preservation of the Little Manila Historic Site in Stockton, California and provides education and leadership to revitalize our Filipina/o American community. The Little Manila Historic Site stands as a symbol of the worst-case scenario outcomes of local, state, and federal public policy upon a marginalized community. The community's history guides our programs in the arts and education, and our advocacy. Learn more at

Little Manila Rising Community Programs:

After School Program

Serving our local high school students, the Little Manila After School Program (LMASP) is an Ethnic Studies program focused on Philippine & Filipino American history, culture, politics, art, community responsibility, and collegiate access.

Us History

Expanding on the success of the Little Manila After School Program, we began "Us History," a multicultural ethnic studies after school program addressing today's critical issues and providing tools for youth empowerment.

Next America Project

This after school program is for youth from undocumented families and allies. We educate students on their rights, and to empower them to become leaders within their community through the application of an innovative new use of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) model used throughout schools nation-wide. While the city of Stockton has been designated as a Safe Zone for the immigrant community by Mayor Michael Tubbs, we as a community must provide them with more than protection. Our undocumented population must not only be informed but must also be able to advocate for their rights if we are to see a world in which Safe Zones are no longer necessary.

Dance Collective & Kulintang Academy

Creating a revival in Filipino folk and indigenous dance and music in San Joaquin County, the Little Manila Dance Collective (LMDC) & Kulintang Academy has become an educational and cultural resource to students and community members interested in cultural dance, music, and attire of the Philippines.

The programs nurture a multi-generational community of dancers, musicians, and choreographers from ages 5 to 67. They are supported by cultural artists and resources in the Bay Area including Parangal Dance Company and the American Center of Philippines Arts. LMDC has been instrumental in connecting San Joaquin County's elementary, high school, and university students to proper practices in traditional Philippine music, attire, and dance. It offers dance programs between March and June culminating in a showcase that brings together our local community.

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Donation / Fundraising

Please Support Little Manila Rising

Your support of Little Manila Rising will help us continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion; and to teach our history, art, and culture to new generations as they forge their own paths to the future.

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Listen to this Podcast on Little Manila Rising and the dark history of Filipinos in America:

It is my hope that the love, respect, and commitment we feel for our historic community runs deeper than anything that can divide us. Little Manila will always be in our hearts.

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