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Episode 7: Trust your voice and your story

From Bankruptcy to Reinvention –

The City of Stockton


Episode 7:
Trust your voice and your story

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Stockton Schools Initiative events, participants and Jasmine Dellafosse

Jasmine Dellafosse - Stockton Schools Initiative

In this episode we feature the voice of Jasmine Dellafosse who shares her experience working with Michael Tubbs as well as the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition and the Stockton Schools Initiative in organizing students to address the crime, safety, recreation, health and the education systems in South Stockton

Jasmine Dellafosse


Jasmine Dellafosse 24, is from Stockton California where she began her organizing career in South Stockton. In 2013 she began interning for Council Member Michael Tubbs who was the youngest ever elected official in the City  and in the county. In 2014 she was the youngest ever field organizer at the age 19 working for Congress Member Jerry McNerney where she organized over a 100+ volunteers to canvass and phone bank for off year election where they won the race with 60% of the vote.  She later become one of the founding member of the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition in early 2014 , an organization that aims to empower its residents to transform community through improving safety, education, housing, job creation, and health.”

Through her work with with the coalition has helped  to bring access to fresh produce in food desert areas in south Stockton and has led projects around park beautification,led a project to build a brand new playground in South Stockton. She led and organized summer literacy programs with the local housing authorities and University of Pacific for k-3rd graders while also running books clubs every summer and leadership camps at local community centers and University. She was also the one of the co founders and founding members of the Stockton Schools Initiative that began in 2015, where she  worked with students and families to fight for educational change through policy. She has helped advocate to bring Ethnic Studies into schools, push for College Career and community readiness in school. She has led the charge for many projects including pushing to dismantle the school to prison pipeline work, advocating for Restorative justice and investments in counselors, and Restorative Justice Coordinators She was successful by co-authoring restorative justice resolution that passed in Stockton Unified School District in 2019 with a 6-0 vote with Stockton schools initiative , public health advocates and board trustee Angelann Flores.

Through her work she has been able to cultivate and train hundreds of youth to be change agents in her own city. She continues currently serves on several committees such as the California Endowment President's youth Council, Former  Secretary of the San Joaquin Democratic party 2016-2019 , SJC Democratic delegate for CA Dems, Boy of men of color alliance member, Stockton Education Equity Coalition, and Visionary home builders Board member, Be Smooth Inc. Board member, Student Success and Leadership Academy board , Stockton Scholars community advisory committee as well as several other partnerships she is involved with. She recently had been awarded in 2018 the Key to City from Mayor Michael Tubbs and was presented with a Mural dedication for her hardwork in April 2018 commissioned by Brandon Mike Odums.

Jasmine is now serving as the Senior Regional Organizer with the Gathering for Justice, She eager to get started and get on the ground with community and stakeholder across the state. She looks forward to working on a campaign to close youth prison in CA and committed to ensuring that community, youth, families, community based organizations have a seat at the table in reimagining alternative to incarceration for children and youth.

She is reminded by the great Andre Lorde  that "When I dare to be powerful—to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." She is committed to being unapologetic, fearless and bold as she fights towards freedom and liberation of her people and community.

Stockton Schools Initiative

Stockton Schools Initiative (SSI) is a coalition of students, families, and community stakeholders that believe in the  power of collaborative decision-making to move the needle on education equity in Stockton schools. The mission of the Stockton Schools Initiative is to activate, organize and amplify the voices of students and families across Stockton. We drive equitable family-school-partnerships with an ongoing focus on student centered data-driven education policy at the local state, national level.

Student Organizing

The Student Organizing Project works to build leadership among students. SSI works in partnership with the Student Success and Leadership Academy (SSLA), an ongoing summer project that introduces students to research and advocacy skills over one week at the University of the Pacific. Students develop ideas for using school funding to serve under resourced, high-need students in Stockton around topics such as boosting counselor staffs, restorative justice implementation in schools, and increasing Wi-Fi/Internet accessibility.

Empowerment Council

The Empowerment Council brings together parents, students and Social Justice Educators in Stockton Unified School District. These folks find or create opportunities to use their leadership skills in support of improving local and state educational policies and practices that benefit all students. The program enhances the skills, knowledge, and confidence of parents necessary to create meaningful change in their schools and community. Parents engage with other families, students, community and educator stakeholders when they participate in our monthly Accountability Champions Workshops and serve in other critical capacities such as Noche de Cultura and DELAC committee meetings.

Education Policy

The Education Policy and Research project works with students and families to provide data-driven, education equity-focused policy recommendations to school board leadership. These recommendations are made to ensure that local education policy accurately reflects and serves the needs of Stockton students.


We empower families and students with data and necessary tools to make sense of data, to serve as a rallying point for discussion, action and reflection. We also support students and families in telling their stories as a way to inform gaps in research and drive forward meaningful change. Out of this project, the 1st annual community report was published, released at the 2018 Education Summit. Get engaged with Stockton Schools Initiative


Donation / Fundraising

Please Support Stockton Schools Initiative

Your support of Stockton Schools Initiative will help us continue to activate, organize and amplify the voices of students and families across Stockton. Please join us and make a difference in a student’s life and donate

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How can we ensure that our young people can reach their highest potential and families don’t have to bury their young people anymore
— Jasmine Dellafosse

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