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Episode 5: Be the change you want to see

From Bankruptcy to Reinvention –

The City of Stockton


Episode 5:
Be the change you want to see

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Lange Luntao - Stockton Scholars

In this episode we feature the voice of Lange Luntao a third-generation teacher who has taught at Aspire Langston Hughes Academy and is a self-proclaimed education nerd. Lange shares his passion, insights and organizational work with youth, parents and the school system.

Lange Luntao


Lange Luntao is the Director of the Stockton Scholars and the Executive Director of the Reinvent Stockton Foundation, a charitable organization that aims to expand opportunity and build hope by attracting resources into Stockton and investing in our city's people. A third-generation teacher who was born and raised in Stockton (and a proud Lincoln high school grad), Lange is an honors graduate of Harvard University, an Education Pioneers Alumnus, and recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to Malaysia.

Lange returned to Stockton in 2012 to work in public service and education - first as the Field Director for the successful campaign to elect Michael Tubbs to the Stockton City Council, as an Early College Sociology Teacher/Teach for America Corps Member at Aspire Langston Hughes Academy, and as a founding volunteer educator with the Stockton "us" history program, an ethnic-studies after school program for high school students in his hometown. In addition, Lange was elected to the Stockton Unified School Board in 2016 (as the first out gay man elected in the San Joaquin Valley) and serves on the boards of Little Manila Rising, Placeholder Arts Collective, Third City Coalition, and the Stockton Urban Revitalization Fellowship.

Stockton Scholars

Stockton, California is a city on the rise. Once the foreclosure capital of America and the largest city before Detroit to declare bankruptcy, Stockton is now ranked the second most fiscally solvent city in the nation. Crime rates are dropping, our population is growing, and the local economy is in recovery. But despite this progress, problems persist and the people of Stockton, especially our youth, remain behind the rest of the nation. Only 35% of our students are college-ready by graduation, and we have a youth unemployment rate that exceeds 30%.

Stockton’s children deserve every opportunity to succeed. That’s why, in January 2018, Mayor Michael D. Tubbs secured an initial donation of $20 million to launch the Stockton Scholars. The Stockton Scholars involves targeted financial support for students and investment in ‘wraparound supports’ that will boost college and career access- including strengthened college counseling, SAT preparation, support to maximize financial aid, and financial mentorship. Our team also collaborates with key community partners to build a world-class cradle-to-career pipeline that helps our children realize their full potential.

We pursue this vision through:
– a place-based, guaranteed scholarship for Stockton public school kids starting with the class of 2019
– targeted support through the college application process, and
– hosting events and campaigns that build a city-wide college-going culture, including Stockton Scholars Signing Day.

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Reinvent Stockton Foundation

The mission of the Reinvent Stockton Foundation is to expand opportunity and build hope by attracting resources into Stockton and investing in our city's people. Reinvent Stockton Foundation is dedicated to supporting students in their pursuit of higher education and supporting innovative ways to address poverty and violent crime. We directly run the Stockton Scholars and support two independent but aligned non-profit projects, the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) is the first basic income demonstration project in the nation and partnering with Advance Peace a gun-violence reduction program. Support Reinvent Stockton today

Donation / Fundraising

Please Support Stockton Scholars Work

With your support, we can help Stockton students in their pursuit of higher education, test innovative ways to solve poverty and support programs that promote safer communities. Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Reinvent Stockton Foundation today.

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We’re not going to stand by as our peers, our siblings and the rest of our families continue to lack the high-quality educational opportunities that they deserve
— Lange Luntao

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