George Koster

VOC/COS Unedited Episodes

From Bankruptcy to Reinvention –

The City of Stockton


From Bankruptcy to Reinvention – The City of Stockton:

Unedited Episodes


Episode 1: It Takes a Village

Episode 2: Owning Your Own Destiny


Episode 3: What Choice Are You Going to Choose Today

Episode 4: All Your Preconceived Notions Are Wrong

Episode 5: Be The Change You Want To See

Episode 6: Our Strength Is Our Diversity

Episode 7: Trust Your Voice And Story

Episode 8: Doing the Work that Dr King and Malcolm X Left Behind for us to do!

Episode 9: Poverty Shortens lives by 20 years

Episode 10: How do you change a 40+ year long Negative Narrative?

Episode 11: Changing Stockton’s history by changing history

Episode 12: The Rose that grew from concrete


Youth are our greatest assets, In Stockton, every young person matters. I want to leave a legacy of increasing opportunities for residents of Stockton and the next generation.
— Mayor Michael Tubbs