George Koster

May The Force Be With YOU

Star Wars Fan Club



The Star Wars Official Fan Club had revenue streams based on membership, print advertising sales and merchandise sales from the Star Wars Insider Fan-zine, which included a catalog.  Our challenge was to continue to engage and grow the membership of the fan club, secure more advertisers, develop promotional programs, work with fellow Star Wars licensees as well as expand the product mix in the catalog.  The goal was to support the passion of the target market of Fans for the Star Wars franchise before the prequel movies hit the market. 


Under a consulting contract with the Star Wars Official Fan Club licensee I worked closely with both the licensee and Lucasfilm Licensing staff to identify other Star Wars Licensees and advertisers to develop advertising, promotional and product placement into the Star Wars Insider Fan-zine. My business development efforts led to a 50% increase in advertising sales and the development and execution of integrated promotional contests with product licensees and advertisers which in turn increased both membership and the sale of products from the catalog.



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