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Mayor of Stockton, Michael Tubbs

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From one of the roughest cities of California and all of America, comes a story of hope, change and prosper. Michael Tubbs, is Stockton's (CA) youngest mayor ever. With having had a seat in city council when he was 15, and working in the White House under the Obama administration to talk with mayors across the country, this maverick has the experience needed to turn Stockton around. This interview series encompasses his wonderful visions to where he can take Stockton with mayoral status as well as his coming of age trials in the same city.

Featured Guests: Michael Tubbs, City Councilman; Tama Brisbane, Executive Director of With Our Words; Tubb's Mother, Richole Dixon; Grandmother, Barbara Nicholson; and Aunt, Tasha Dixon.


Stockton, my hometown

My hometown of Stockton is a city with a challenging past and a promising future. Stockton is making strides with coordinated efforts to address crime, stabilize our municipal fiscal health, and grow the population. Reinventing Stockton means having a willingness to take a different approach to solving systemic problems. We have an opportunity to shape our city for generations to come. Collectively, there is no challenge our community cannot match. At this pivotal time in history, we have a real opportunity to serve as a model for the nation from education, to public safety and economic development.

Your attitude is going to have everything to do with your altitude.
— Mayor Michael Tubbs