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From Bankruptcy to Reinvention –

The City of Stockton


Episode 13:
 State of Our Youth: A Stockton Townhall Meeting

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Townhall features discussion of a better Stockton

In the process of producing the documentary series, "From Bankruptcy to Reinvention The City of Stockton California", I wanted to provide our listeners with an update on the work of the community members featured in the documentary series. I decided to host a Townhall Meeting and bring together as many of the voices featured in the radio documentary series to update the community and listeners on their work as well as engage with the community on issues and solutions.

Nicholas Hatten, founder of San Joaquin Pride Center and Michael Tubbs campaign manager for City of Stockton Council person seat who is featured in episode two of the documentary series and I also wanted to bring together the Nonprofit Social Justice All-Star Collaborative and the Collaborative's San Joaquin County Youth Council to develop the Townhall meeting into the State of Our Youth: A Stockton Townhall Meeting.

The Townhall Meeting provides both our voices of youth and adult community leaders an opportunity to share their work in the community, issues they want to see addressed and actions that community members can engage in to reinvent the City of Stockton.

The Nonprofit Social Justice All-Star Collaborative and the San Joaquin County Youth Council proudly announced their Youth Manifesto, a collective groundbreaking pledge towards equity and resilience for Stockton area youth.

Longtime Stockton Record newspaper columnist Michael Fitzgerald emceed the three-hour event, which featured, two-panel discussions and spoken word performances at Franklin High School’s auditorium in the City of Stockton.

Stockton native spoken word artist Brandon Leake performed the opening and closing of the Townhall event. Michael Fitzgerald delivered remarks on Stockton, present, and future. Fitzgerald then moderated a panel of Youth Council members. The young leaders related what they are doing to better the city and further efforts needed.

The second panel features the activists who appear in the radio documentary “From Bankruptcy to Reinvention – The City of Stockton California:” Included are Lange Luntao, president of Stockton Unified Board of Trustees, Jasmine Dellafosse, senior regional organizer for The Gathering for Justice,founding member of RSSC and the Stockton School Initiative, Sammy Nunez, executive director of Fathers and Families of San Joaquin, Fred Sheil, administrator of STAND, Dillon Delvo of Little Manila Rising and others.

Stockton poet laureate Tamma Brisbane, Rhodesia Ransom and Sammy Nunez with Youth Council members presented the youth manifesto.

The goal of producing the Townhall event was to identify the issues facing Stockton, the solutions that people have been working on, as well as new solutions that people can come together with -- and most importantly for people in the community to step up and participate.

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We don’t need to be chained by the bad ideas of yesterday, we can envision a better city, a safe prosperous city and make it a reality. So get out, and get involved in your community, it is a great city just waiting for you to find it
— Michael Fitzgerald

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