George Koster

Real Estate


Domus Development

The Problem: The housing for working families in North Lake Tahoe is as expensive as the San Francisco Bay area and is made up of old summer cabins, converted motels and decades old mobile homes with no insulation, permanent toilet and kitchens.

The Solution: The community needed to develop safe, dry, clean, affordable housing units to support the working families that make up the foundation of the tourist based economy.

We needed to create community support for the problem through gathering the information and presenting it to the community, and its key stakeholders. One of the problems that we faced was that there was no data on the existing housing and the actual housing needs. To solve this problem we needed data to identify the needs. Thus, I co-developed and co-produced the first Housing Needs Survey and Study for North Lake Tahoe. For production of the Housing Needs Survey and Study we needed to find funding. I secured funding from Domus and the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association.

To produce the Housing Needs Survey and Study we needed to collect data from the users of housing – the community members. I secured the participation of the Workforce Housing Association of Truckee Tahoe (WHATT), North Tahoe Family Resource Center and Tahoe Woman’s Services for coordination of the audit in Spanish, English and through door-to-door in-person surveys.

In our purpose to provide third party objectivity of the data, I negotiated for the participation of Bay Area Economics to process all of the data and provide a report and documentation. Our objective was to share the Housing Needs Survey and Study and in turn educate the community and it’s leaders to the housing needs of community members to drive the development of new affordable housing units to address the study’s recommendations.

To accomplish this, I devised and executed a public outreach campaign that included presentations at both Placer County Board of Supervisor and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency meetings. Additionally, we present the Housing Needs Survey and Study recommendations to community key stakeholders such as merchant associations, chamber of commerce and real estate associations.

Through my work with the Housing Needs Survey and Study I was retained by Domus Development in conjunction with the Placer County Redevelopment Agency in the identification and negotiation for the purchase and assembly of over $4Millon dollars in property for the development of new affordable housing units. We utilized redevelopment funding through the Placer County Redevelopment Agency. This led to the building of the first ever affordable housing units in Kings Beach, CA.